Alba White Wolf

Alba White Wolf is a children’s storybook character based on Madeleina’s White German Shepherd Dog!

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Storybook – Go Back To Where You Came From

Alba White Wolf’s first story book is called “Go Back to Where You Came From”. It is the touching story of a refugee, who is forced to leave her home country and travel across the sea in search of a new life free from war and terror. The storybook aims to address the Migrant Crisis and Diversity in a fun, amusing and colourful style that can communicate the challenging subject matter to young children. The story has been written in response to the recent rise in racial hate crime and aims to challenge culturally ingrained xenophobia by starting a dialogue with the next generation about what are acceptable views.

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Madeleina launched a hugely successful crowd-funding project to print and distribute copies of her children’s picture book about Refugees. She raised enough to print 1000 copies which are now being sold in aid of the refugee movement, Sheffield City of Sanctuary.  Buy a copy of ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’