Madeleina Kay has written and illustrated four books; Go Back To Where You Came From a children’s picture book about the refugee crisis; Theresa Maybe in Brexitland an illustrated satirical parody of Alice in Wonderland; Cyril the Ninja Squirrel a children’s picture book about the Sheffield Street Trees; and Alba White Wolf Goes to Europe a children’s picture book about the EU member states.

All 4 books have been published thanks to successful crowdfunding projects.


Go Back To Where You Came from! (Published October 2016)

Front Cover DesignGo Back To Where You Came From‘ a children’s picture book about the refugee crisis, published in October 2016. The book tells the plight of the refugee and features LGBTQ+ characters. It is about diversity, compassion and tolerance in the widest possible sense, encouraging cultures to accept and embrace each other’s difference.
The book is being used in Primary schools as a teaching aid.

Sales of the book have raised £1800 for the refugee movement, Sheffield City of Sanctuary.

Available on Amazon: Go Back To Where You Came From!

Theresa Maybe in Brexitland (Published March 2017)


Theresa Maybe in Brexitland is an illustrated short story for adults the satirises the developments in British politics since the EU Referendum. The book is a parody of Lewis Caroll’s masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and was published in March 2017.

The book was sent to all 114 MPs who voted to block the triggering of Article 50.

Available on Amazon: Theresa Maybe in Brexitland

Cyril the Ninja Squirrel (Published June 2017)


Cyril the Ninja Squirrel is a children’s picture book published in June 2017 about the campaign to save the Sheffield Street Trees from being cut down. The book tells the story of how the community comes together with the help of Cyril the Ninja Squirrel to stop the unnecessary felling of street trees that do not need to be cut down. The book also depicts the multiple benefits that Street Trees provide to the local community and the ecosystem.

Copies of the book were donated to local schools and libraries in Sheffield.

Available on Amazon: Cyril the Ninja Squirrel

Alba White Wolf Goes to Europe (Published October 2017)


‘Alba White Wolf Goes To Europe’ has a strong pro-European message and educational content about EU member countries. In ‘Alba White Wolf Goes To Europe’, it’s Christmas time and her owner, Frank the Postman, has a very important job to do – hand delivering 27 VIPs (Very Important Packages) to Europe! The packages each contain a star from the European Flag, they have to deliver them all and get home in time for Christmas! Alba White Wolf accompanies him on his travels to the 27 EU countries and they send a postcard home from every country they visit. Each postcard will provide an illustration of a famous landmark in the country, the country’s flag, plus some factual information about the different countries and some words in the foreign language. The book is aimed at ages 6-11 and provides educational content along side colourful illustrations of European countries. When Alba White Wolf and Frank the postman return home they find a missing parcel without an address, but will they find out who the 28th star belongs to…?