Allotment Soup 2014

Allotment Soup is an annual community arts event organised by Grow Sheffield.

Each year it is staged on an allotment in Sheffield and aims to bring the community together through the arts and raise awareness of the benefits of caring for the environment and living sustainably.

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Madeleina Kay organised a live painting project on the Manor Allotments in September 2014. she painted vegetables that were dug up from the allotments onto the community’s newly erected composting-toilet.


The design for the composting toilet came from an independent eco-arts project in which Madeleina meticulously studied and documented the growth of vegetables from her own vegetable garden. The resulting photographs, drawings and paintings celebrate the uniqueness and imperfections of the organic form. Madeleina’s vivid style evokes the vitality and joy of pulling home-grown veg from the Earth.


Allotment soup 2014 was a community event that brought people together through a variety of art, music and live performance events.