Media Blackwash of Remain – What Can We do?

The Young European

Happy Brexitday!

On the 29th March the Brexiteers celebrated “Brexitday” when Theresa May finally sent the letter to Trigger Article 50 and start the formal 2 -year process of negotiations to leave the EU. It was also my birthday and I decided to celebrate it, along with a group of disgruntled Remainers, by pulling several publicity stunts in London to protest against the reckless actions of our Prime Minister.


Remainer’s Dedication

The stunts were all co-ordinated beforehand by a group of die-hard Remainiacs, who organised costumes, props and volunteers to participate. Time and time again, I am amazed by the incredible effort put in by so many people from our campaign. I have seen some amazing dedication from the Remainers; individuals pledging hundreds of pounds on my crowdfunding projects; or the volunteer who gave hours of her time writing my “Brexmas” cards to send to MPs; the organisers of…

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