Madeleina Kay


Madeleina and Alba White Wolf

Madeleina is an artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield.


5th December 2016 photo published in the Guardian and the Financial Times

She is committed to using the arts to address important social and political issues, challenge destructive cultural attitudes and encourage greater participation in the political debate.


Sir Bob Geldof and Madeleina at the Convention, May 2017


Madeleina campaigns to support issues including; refugees, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, Veganism and animal rights, votes for 16-17 year olds, and the environment. She is also passionately pro-European and has performed at Remain campaign events and anti-Brexit demonstrations across the country in; Newcastle, Sheffield, Brighton, Bournemouth, Manchester and London, and also in Brussels.


A.C.Grayling, Madeleina and Alba White Wolf at the NE4Europe March in Newcastle


Madeleina and Eddie Izzard at the March4Europe in London September 2016


Madeleina writes and records protest songs, which she has performed at public demonstrations in Sheffield, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Bournemouth and Brighton. Music. She also edits music videos, and you can subscribe to her Youtube account: Youtube – Madeleina Kay @ alba white wolf


Madeleina performing outside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton


Madeleina Kay has written, illustrated and crowdfunded self-publishing 4 books and she also gives workshops at schools and universities on children’s education.

Madeleina’s first book, ‘Go Back To Where You Came From‘, a children’s picture book about the refugee crisis was written in 2016. She successfully crowdfunded self-publishing 1000 copies of the book which have been sold in aid of the refugee movement ‘Sheffield City of Sanctuary’ raising £1800. Nick Clegg MP also donated copies of Go Back To Where You Came From to the libraries in his Hallamshire constituency.


Nick Clegg and Madeleina at the Lib Dem Christmas drinks in Sheffield 2016

She is also the author of an illustrated short story for adults called ‘Theresa Maybe in Brexitland‘ which was written in 2017. It is a work of political satire that parodies ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and closely follows the developments in British politics. The book was also successfully crowdfunded and sent to MPs.


Chukka Umunna with Madeleina outside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton


Nathalie Bennet, Madeleina and Alba White Wolf in Sheffield

Madeleina has also published a children’s picture book about environmental issues called ‘Cyril the Ninja Squirrel‘. And her most recent publication, ‘Alba White Wolf’s Adventures in Europe‘, is a pro-European children’s book that teaches children about the history and culture of EU member states. Watch the BBC Interview here.

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Blog Articles

Madeleina regularly writes political articles for her blog and has written guest articles for other online media platforms.

In 2017 Madeleina won the European Commission’s  #EUinmyRegion Blogging competition, which took her to Brussels for the first time.



The Great British Postcard Competition

In 2017 Madeleina was awarded the “Young Talent Prize” in the “Great British Postcard Competition” with her entry, the cover of her book ‘Theresa Maybe in Brexitland’.



Madeleina has illustrated all four of her books; ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’, ‘Theresa Maybe In Brexitland‘, ‘Cyril the Ninja Squirrel’ and ‘Alba white Wolf’s Adventures in Europe’.

Madeleina regularly completes illustration commissions and can be requested through the website contact form


She also regularly produces satirical cartoons and oil pastel portraits which are published on her website Satirical Cartoons


Community Art Projects

Madeleina is passionate about reaching out to a younger audience and has experience running arts workshops for children and youth groups. You can read more about her community art projects.

She has also participated in community arts projects such as Allotment Soup 2014 and the Sheffield Xmas Light Switch On 2014.

In 2015 she managed an eco-arts project funded by O2 Think Big, called ‘Moorland Wonderscape’, that helped disadvantaged groups access the Peak National Park and participate in arts workshops. She hopes to use the arts as forum to capture attention and engage people in a conversation about important social and political issues. Moorland Wonderscape Eco-Arts Project 2015

Letters to Europe Project

Watch the Letters to Europe Project Music video.

In 2017 Madeleina organised a crowdfunded community project called “Letters to Europe” which aimed to send a message of solidarity and friendship from the UK to Europe. She collected 1000 hand written letters which were taken to Brussels and distributed to EU citizens. She also attended meetings at the European Parliament with British MEPs and Guy Verhofstadt. Watch Reuters footage from the project here.